reposted Ken Robinson rebuttal | Ed Tech Now


Sir Ken Robinson

It’s a detailed fact check and argument analysis of famous Ken Robinson TEDx talk. It will take some time to read. It is lengthy!

excerpt:  “Today, I pay attention to the content of the message rather than the charm of its delivery.  Even so, I agree with a few of Robinson’s observations, not because they are profound, but because they are commonplace.  I most definitely do not agree with his claims about why things are the way they are.  Moreover, in the majority of cases, I reject his portrayal of how things are and in some cases that there is even the least bit of truth to his claims.  And, I can’t comment on his solutions because, tellingly, he doesn’t present any.  I certainly don’t agree with and quite frankly resent the insulting and completely unjustified put-downs of educators that he engages in throughout his presentation, however wittily presented they may be.”

via Ken Robinson rebuttal | Ed Tech Now.


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