What Sir Ken Got Wrong | Pragmatic Education



What Sir Ken Got Wrong | Pragmatic Education.

A summary of ideas on this blog

Here’s what I think is problematic…

Our education system isn’t working well enough.

Summative assessment is shackling schools.

Graded observations are straitjacketing teachers.

Confused ideas are undermining teacher training.

AfL has become hijacked, hoop-jumping gimmickry.

Snake oil is awash in the school system.

Inspections are inconsistent.

… and here’s what we can do about it:

Great education systems make teaching quality their north star.

Great teaching is effective instruction plus continuous improvement.

Effective instruction focuses on explanations, questioning, practice and feedback.

Cognitive science suggests knowledge, memory and practice are vital for learning.

So knowledge, memory and practice are central to improving the quality of our teaching.

Great school leadership improves the ethos, culture and systems of the school.

Great school leaders use cultural and instructional levers to help teachers improve.

A great school ethos is based on strong routines and good habits.

Effective behaviour systems are all about consistent consequences.

A great curriculum coherently sequences the best ideas of our global civilisation.

Knowledge and skills must be as interlinked as a double helix.

Mastery Assessment precisely determines to what extent students have learned what we’ve taught.

Effective CPD focuses on improving teaching and evaluates its impact on learning.

Improving ITT requires bridging the gap between scientific research and practice.

Teaching without social media is like playing tennis with a golf club.

Grading lessons is unnecessary.

All observations should only be formative.

It’s up to teachers to drive the profession forward.


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