What is my philosophy of education?


To Talk Like This and Act Like That

What is my philosophy of education?

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How can I be an educator without sharing my vision of what an educated person should be able to do?

Well, surprisingly, just as it is true of many critics of education,  it is typical for educators to have no clear, rational, effective vision of what education should be or what high school graduates should be able to do. A number might say that education is more than the 3Rs (reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic), but saying education should teach the 4Cs (communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking) isn’t actually saying very much. Nor is it saying much to focus on semantics and syntax.

For example, in terms of communication, it might seem obvious to explore the writing of essays—narrative, persuasive, compare-contrast—we often do not explore context and objective beyond the essay. We don’t ask the question, or develop a decision-making protocol for…

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