The Public School Does More than Educate


To Talk Like This and Act Like That

The Public School Does More than Educate

by Duane Sharrock

In the United States, schools are not only places to educate students. Each school is a “point of contact” or a “hub”, for various kinds of services and organizations. In addition to special education services, other services are often provided: health (including mental health), crisis interventions, temporary shelters for the impoverished (where food is provided as well), the school directs traffic to social services programs, community programs, and recreational programs. Some schools include “student resource officers” (i.e. police) and may house a probation officer, as well. Standardized testing, expert witnesses, character witnesses, and other kinds of observations and observers are cited in research for criminal investigations, scholarly exploration, and historical documentation. Lately, education has begun to include social and emotional skills instruction, as well. People may complain that the nation is becoming…

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