Adolescents’ development of skills for agency in youth programs : The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring


This article indicates the need for promoting youth agency skills. This idea is closely related to grit and self-efficacy. It also suggests that this development may occur in the conative domain.

To Talk Like This and Act Like That

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What youth learned: The analyses of youth interviews revealed 3 major themes for types of youth agency skills:

1) Mobilizing effort:  learning to devote the energy and time to their work

– common theme reveals that successful work requires effort and they had gained abilities to deliberately mobilize and regulate that effort

2) Concrete organizing skills:  learning rules to organize the tasks or elements of their projects

3) Strategic thinking:  “use of advanced executive skills to anticipate possible scenarios in the steps to achieving goals and to formulate flexible courses of action that take these possibilities into account”

– strategic thinking directs youth toward achievement of meaningful and challenging real-world goals and away from risk behavior (Romer, 2003).

Sharrock‘s insight:

connections between grit and resilience and Bandura’s efficacy theory.

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