Scaffolding is one of the practices that makes a teacher valuable. A learner cannot often accomplish this alone.

An Ethical Island

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Hands-on with Microsoft’s hologram device


“another exercise brought home how useful the gadget might be. I was guided through the process of installing an electric light switch. I saw a woman who showed me a series of sketches and talked me through each step. She was working in real time in another room, drawing sketches on a tablet computer and using Skype to talk with me. I could see the sketches, super-imposed over an actual wall outlet and protruding wires, while her face appeared to one side.” (excerpt)

Can Virtuous Habits Be Cultivated?


“The answer is that people with good self-control avoid temptations and problem situations, rather than battling with them. Other research confirmed that self-control works most effectively by means of controlling habits, rather than by using willpower for direct control of one’s actions in the heat of the moment.”