Match Corps Goes National: Successful high-dosage


“When pressed to describe why the tutor corps helps Match get the results it does, Match leaders point to this concentrated time with adults and the relationships that develop from that time. Notes Alan Safran,

Match Corps gets to the heart of the human capital question. It’s about more people (adults) building more relationships with students. These adults can get kids to make the effort that they might not otherwise make: good teachers and culture can do so much. How do you get more adults into kids’ lives? How do you set higher standards and provide the support to meet them—you need to do both. If you can do both, this is the Holy Grail.

Jared Taillefer, former Match Corps member, agrees. “Students benefit from feeling known. As a principal, I can shake every student’s hand every morning, but the tutor corps puts that on steroids. It’s about doing individualized instruction right.”

” much of a tutor’s training takes place on the job, and once on the job, Match Corps members receive academic content support from the teachers at the school, who design the content, along with constant feedback from administrators on how that it is being delivered. Once a week, tutors have “practice and planning time,” where teachers give them insight into content and lesson plans and can raise concerns about supports that individual students might require. The same teachers might also weigh in with instructional feedback for tutors, based on what they are seeing in the classroom.”…


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