Work Transformed in the Knowledge Era (and btw–school is a business)


To Talk Like This and Act Like That

Work Transformed in the Knowledge Era

by Duane Sharrock

One of the challenges that software applications and other “tech tools” creates is that these digital objects hover in a gray area between products and services. In many ways, computer products aren’t even the “point” without the apps that support them. Although, iPhone, for example, works as a computing device in addition to being a phone, a  camera, and a music player, in many ways, the iPhone is also a “gateway” or an “attractor” for the purchase of data access (data plans), phone service contracts, and with different kinds of network participation by streaming your voluntary private info into big data marketing servers. The devices also encourage consumption from the app store. Welcome to a couple of the knowledge era’s business constructs–the platform and the ecosystem. Greg Satell, of Digital Tonto, explains:

“When Steve Jobs and Apple launched the iPhone in…

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