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Why can’t you say something?



By David Joel Miller.

Do you find it difficult to speak your mind?

Afraid to Speak UpAfraid to Speak Up.
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For good or bad some people have little or no difficult saying what is on their mind. Others find it next to impossible to speak up even when they have something really important to say. Not expressing yourself can impair your relationships, both personal and professional.

Inability to speak up can be the result of a number of things you have been telling yourself. It is often a case of low self-esteem or it can be a sign of a more serious anxiety disorder. Try the corrective tips below. If after you try these things you are still struggling with speaking up consider working with a counselor to reduce your anxiety and improve your self-confidence.

What are some of the common reasons people hesitate to say what they are…

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via Building the Ideal Skill Set for 21st Century Employment –