About “The Magnitudes Of Dissonance”


This is my professional blog (second attempt).

I am an education leader: network-powered, solution-focused, and an explorer. I build connections.

I accomplish this work by relating instruction and learning, through the facilitation of resilience, and through the use of approaches that prepare learners for future challenges. Consequently, I study creativity, communication, motivation (beyond intrinsic/extrinsic rewards), the impact of cognitive biases and rhetorical/logical fallacies on critical thinking, and effective problem solving across a variety of domains. I often comment on these topics in LinkedIn discussions, but I also share articles and blog about them here: http://totalklikethisandactlikethat.wordpress.com/about/.

I am highly reflective.

As a building administrator, I value high expectations for all students for academic and behavioral success. I develop, focus, and enrich teacher collaboration and classroom instruction, which I achieve through informal conversations, classroom visits, and teacher evaluations. I also model my values with each interaction I have with students as well as with staff.

To create and maintain a school community of students, their caretakers, and their educators, I practice transparency, collaboration, open communication, solution-orientation, and especially, with humor.

In my current position, I maintain a vision for student achievement and how this vision relates to our school’s Code of Conduct. Success in my present position as a BOCES Alternative High School administrator results from my curiosity and my ability to build connections, to participate in activities, and to define perspectives that encourage the emergence of solutions.